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The penalties for trafficking, smuggling and possession of drugs even residual amounts are severe. She had left school at This Saudi cleric thinks women watching football is sinful. But the majority of men said they wanted to marry a virgin. Kuwaiti woman losses custody of children for 'smoking shisha'. The double standard accepts men having a strong sexual desire and is more lenient on them having sex outside wedlock also stands. sep. - Leila Slimani, a Moroccan-French writer, has released a book about the way women in the Middle East and North Africa live in what she describes as “sexual misery”. jan. - Kuwaiti singer Shams Bandar said in an interview that she supported sex education in the Arab world and that she was not afraid to say that she had gay friends. feb. - Shereen El Feki's book “Sex and the Citadel” is the first serious attempt to chart sexual intimacy in the rapidly changing Arab world. Key words: Arabs, sex life, sexual .. healthy approaches to sex. We know some things are halal and others are haram, but in between, there are 50 shades of grey, and more.



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